Do You Want To Live Your Life with Meaning and Purpose?

"7 Ways To a More Meaningful Life" summaries the research-led information you need to know to set you up with ownership  of your role in the world, your personal purpose, impact, responsibility and connection with others and the wider world.

  • Live a Better Version of Your Life
  • Develop Stronger Relationships and let go of of those feelings of Isolation or stagnating relationships
  • Wake Up Happy, with Purpose, Appreciation and Energy for Life
  • Head Out to Work Happier
  • Decrease Anxiety and Increase Life Satisfaction, Autonomy and Confidence
  • Live Your Life by Design and Avoid "What Happened Me?" Regrets
  • And a Bit about Susannah.....:) I am a psychologist, mindfulness trainer, Coach, Speaker and author of "The Seven Day Soul: Finding Meaning Beneath the Noise". I'm passionate about the importance of spirituality (all kinds), Existential Health and their relevance to wellbeing. If you are too then come join the tribe!

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